Monday, July 30, 2012

Alternate Flying Methods

Flying figures are a common feature in Fantasy Art. Usually this takes the form of winged people or simply figures floating magically. So while melding over Fantasy images from my Facebook gallery "Victorian Fantasy Paintings", I thought I would show alternate forms of flying.

A beautiful Flying carpet painting by Vasnetsov.
Jose Segrelles paints a much more free form flying carpet.
"The Flying Islands of the Night" by American illustrator Franklin Booth.

Norman Rockwell's  illustration for "The Goddess and Private Gallagher".
Edward R Hughes paints a watercolor of an anachronistic Pegasus

Willy Pogany's film advertising art of flying by Genie.
A beautifully sensitive watercolor of riding on a Genie by Segrelles
By Gustave Dore, here is a frog flying on a kite. "Between Sky and Ground".
Frantisek Kupka drawing of a Griffin mount.

Flying on the back of ?  A painting by Maximilian Pirner.
W Heath Robinson watercolor of flying on clouds.

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