Thursday, August 2, 2012

19th Century Dragons

In studying 19th Century Fantasy Art I have noticed, (and made a recurrent theme of these blogs as well as my Facebook album) that many developments of the modern world have severely restricted and narrowed the imagination of more recent fantasy artists.  In the case of dragons I blame paleontology and the discovery of the "Brontosaurus". (Although scientific naming convention says that that name is no longer correct and it should be called an Apatosaurus, to me it will always be a Brontosaurus as mentioned in the 1933 King Kong.)
Two strange beasts by Rudolf Jettmar.
In these examples of Dragon paintings we see a wide variety of body form and details.

Franz Moser Dragon

Sydney Muschamp's "The Enchantress"

Surand Painting.
Another Franz Moser image.

An early painting by Alphonse Mucha.

A Sea Serpent by Elihu Vedder (Sort of a dragon).
A "Post" cover by J C Leyendecker with an odd take on a Dragon.


  1. The Jettmar paintings are very interesting! Such a mix influences in them.

  2. wow...very fantastic paintings. . .I love it. . two thumbs up .. .thanks a lot for showing it..
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